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Company Overview

PT. Mest Indonesiy or better known as Mestindo was founded in 2009. The company is engaged in the agriculture sector such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and agricultural equipment. Mestindo has branch offices spread across various potential areas to reach customers directly.

One of its flagship products in the fertilizer sector uses the name LAOYING as the company’s trademark.



With a variety of variants to meet agriculutral needs.


Very practical with nutrients that are easily absorbed by plants.


Strengthen the roots so they can absorb water and nutrients perfectly.

mestindo presents a wide range of innovative agronomic products ranging from fertilizers, pesticides, soil adjuvants, to agricultural tools and quality seeds.

Agronomy Program from Mestindo

In order to improve quality and service to the public, Mestindo presents the Agronomy program to assist farmers and the plantation industry in increasing their production. In order to get technical assistance and product benefits efficiently, the best agronomists go directly to the field.

Learn how to maximize fertilizer performance through the following Laoying fertilization dosage guide information.

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