Importer, Distributor, and Logistics Provider

Business Partner of Plantation and Agriculture​

Mestindo is a distribution company that supplies various types of fertilizers, both single and compound fertilizers to meet the needs of plantations and agriculture throughout Indonesia.

To meet the fertilizer needs, Mestindo provides fertilizers under the Lao Ying brand in various types and formulas. Controlled Release Fertilizer (controlled release fertilizer) with the brand EMCOTE is also included in the list of products distributed by Mestindo.

To enrich the provision of fertilizer solutions to Plantations and Agriculture, Mestindo also presents bio-organic products under the Myco Gold plus PSB brand.

Other solutions offered by Mestindo to Plantation and Agriculture as a whole include the supply of Pesticide products with brands including Run Up, SIGPlus, Duramin, Starthene, and others.

Mestindo also supplies to the plantation of seed products (LCC) and agricultural equipment.

In relation to customers, Mestindo is not limited to selling products but also provides agronomic technical assistance to help customers achieve optimal results from using Mestindo products.

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