Established in 2009

There is no pause on striding forward

Mestindo is a distribution company that supplies various types of fertilizers, both single and compound fertilizers to meet the needs of plantations and agriculture throughout Indonesia.

To meet the fertilizer needs, Mestindo provides fertilizers under the Lao Ying brand in various types and formulas. Controlled Release Fertilizer (controlled release fertilizer) with the brand EMCOTE is also included in the list of products distributed by Mestindo.

Another solution presented by Mestindo to Plantation and Agriculture as a whole is in the form of providing pesticide products with brands including Startthene 75 WG (ASEFAT 75%), Postthene 97 WG (ASEFAT 97%), Lifeline 200 SL (Ammonium glufosinate 200 gr/lt), Fascinate 150 SL (Ammonium glufosinate 150gr/lt), WEEDTOX 670 EC (Triklopir 670 gr/lt), KLOOPIR 666 EC (Triclopir 666 gr/lt), and Pheromone Suteki.

In relation to customers, Mestindo is not limited to selling products but also provides agronomic technical assistance to help customers achieve optimal results from using Mestindo products.

PT. Mest Indonesiy or better known as Mestindo was founded in 2009, engaged in the import and distribution of various types of fertilizers in Indonesia.

Mestinindo ‘s customers consist of oil palm plantation companies, rubber plantations, forestry, and agricultural shops. The areas that we supply range from Aceh to Papua.

Mestindo always Prioritizes high-quality products and in the future the company will focus on developing high-tech products.

The key to success for Mestindo is that we believe in the principle of partnership, in accordance with our company motto “Be Greater Together”, which is to grow and develop together. We believe that with this partnership principle we can partner well with principals and customers, so that we can take this company to a higher level.

We also have a unique yell known as "Salam 168". This title has an important meaning, it symbolizes 1 Vision, 6 Mission, and 8 Corporate Culture.

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